Un verdadero ejemplo de ser humano PART.1 ( A true example of being human) Alejandro Sanz

Ok this is a hard post because I don’t know how to start but I have some small ideas so I hope to express them just like I want it!! Ok I will tell you that last night 24.09.2012 I was watching one of my fav.TV shows El Hormiguero because the guest was Alejandro Sanz.I just wanna say some words that he said :”Somos capaces de decir las cosas más feas del mundo al enfadarnos pero nos cuesta decir ” Te quiero” ( We are able to say the ugliest things in the world to get angry but difficult to say „I love you”).Eee is this true or not? I think it is!!  It’s important to talk with our familly and best friends because our life is not for ever!!! I think that in life a simple SORRY or I LOVE YOU can make a person happy for ever!! This is my opinion and I will respect all of your opinions that I’m very very curios to read Here on my blog or on  my Twitter or Facebook !! This words made me say that he is „A true example of being a human” ,but this is not the only thing that made me say this but the rest of the things I will tell you in the next post I promise! I will let you reflect one this words and then I will post more!!



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